• Terms of delivery will be the same as informed by the respective institute before use of this site. It is the sole responsibility of the user to ensure all information has been acquired from the relevant institute pertaining to the use of this site and availing of the services.
  • Service for home delivery/ door step delivery is NOT provided by CHHATRASEVA. Users placing order through https://chhatraseva.in have to conform to the terms of delivery/ receipt of goods as informed by the concerned authority for whom the services are being provided.
  • Third party purchase/ order will not be acknowledged at the time of delivery.
Current Terms of Delivery – DHRUV GLOBAL SCHOOL, SUS, PUNE
  • https://chhatraseva.in does not arrange for deliveries. It is to be used only for pre-paid orders. Goods are to be picked up from the school premises as per the schedule provided by the school.
  • After placing the order and making the payment an order receipt will be sent to the email id entered in the billing details. You will need to produce/ show this e-receipt to the authorized personnel as communicated by the school and collect the goods from them.
  • In case of any connectivity errors while placing the order and non-receipt of order details please check your bank account details to see if the amount has been deducted. If yes, user will need to approach the school/ institute with the transaction details and school will provide support to trace/ replace the order as deemed fit and mutually agreed upon.